Solaris® air purifiers eliminate air contamination beyond the reach of filtration


  • Breaks down household odors from kitchens to laundry rooms—even bathroom and swimming pool odors
  • Kills bacteria and viruses circulating in the air and on surfaces—including countertops
  • Freshens the air in the same way a thunderstorm clears the air of contamination
  • Microscopic pollution is gathered into larger filterable groups for unprecedented removal of airborne irritants



Multiple technologies target the entire range of indoor air pollution.
  • Active Photocatalytic + Silver Ion Oxidation
  • 4X-Plasma Generation
  • Germicidal UV Light




Specialized, proprietary and patented photocatalytic (PCO) formulation

The photocatalytic surfaces are coated with a patented formulation of Peroxo-Antanse Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) that is energized or activated by UV light. The TiO2 PCO formulation is additionally infused with silver ions that are released to prevent bio-growth on surfaces.

Maximum photocatalytic surface area

The Solaris purifier features 249.7 square inches of active PCO purification surfaces— more than any other active photocatalytic purifier in its class.

Patented Adjustability

The unique Photon Clarifier™ has been awarded patents for its independent photocatalytic (PCO) control. Exceeding other designs, PCO purification intensity levels are optimized for spaces up to 5000 square feet without affecting germicidal UV intensity. Full disinfection power is always maintained!


Solaris works at the molecular level, releasing ions (harmless to humans) into living spaces to electrically charge and group suspended microscopic particles and disinfect surfaces.

Dual band UV light kills germs and oxidizes pollutants.

Double-bandwidth UV lamp exposes microbes to a lethal dose of UV-C light. The lamp’s intensity kills up to 99% of germs instantly while breaking down chemical fumes and allergens.

Lifetime Equipment Warranty with 2 Year UV Lamp Warranty

Commercial grade construction enables us to provide a lifetime warranty on the Solaris purifier. The UV lamp has a 2-year life and is warranted for the full 2-year lifespan.


Create a smart, efficient and more comprehensive indoor air quality improvement system with the Solaris® Germicidal UV Light

Add the optional Solaris® Germicidal UV Light for coil and surface disinfection. The Solaris® Air Purifier is designed to interface with the UV Light for coil and surface disinfection. The UV Light keeps mold from growing on wet interior HVAC components particularly the cooling coil — often a major source of airborne mold allergen. It also prevents HVAC-generated odors like the “dirty sock” and other musty smells that so often occur from moldy coils.

No extra power supply to purchase or install. The UV Light connects directly to the Solaris Air Purifier through its accessory port for the ultimate in streamlined installation.


The Solaris® Air Purifier’s patented adjustability feature provides optimized PCO purification intensity levels for spaces up to 5000 square feet
  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Medical centers
  • Industry
  • Restaurants
  • Pet centers
  • Cruise ships / Hotels
  • Military
Please note: Solaris® PCO purifiers are sold and installed only by professional HVAC contractors

Proper installation takes the expertise of a professional who can properly evaluate your purification needs, your HVAC system to best locate the purifier, and to make the needed adjustments for optimum performance.

We will be glad to help you find an HVAC installation contractor. Click here.